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So I was reading JLI #1 and it was okay and then I got to the big splash of all the members talking and I had an amazing realization. There are 4 female heroes on this page, and no cleavage or bare thighs or stomachs or anything like that! They’re still showing a little more skin than the guys, but not an uncomfortable amount and it’s just because of bare arms, which tend to be less ridiculously sexual and less likely to cause serious wardrobe malfunctions. And I was really happy and impressed at Aaron Lopresti or whoever came up with the designs and then I was sad because this surprised me. Ice’s fur belt thingy is a little silly looking, and I don’t particularly like the gloves on Vixen (what if she needs to claw someone!) but all in all I think this is nice to see.

I seem to recall Fire is basically naked when on fire, but it’s the same kind of naked that Johnny Storm and Iceman usually get where it just looks stupid and raises weird underwear questions if they’re still in their briefs while being all elemental and stuff.


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