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I really don’t care about Flashpoint or Fear Itself and the new JLA issue was just Batman and GL hanging out, and I don’t mind their costumes. So yeah, no updates lately because comic events are really blah right now!

Also I was thinking, superheroing in flipflops would be about as awkward as superheroing in high heels. So to any guys out there who thing heels are a good idea, go do ninja stuff in flip flops, the cheap noisy ones I mean, not like fancy ones or anything.


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I do this sometimes. This, being vanish off the face of the internet for months at a time. Not a good strategy for keeping people interested in the silly things I have to say. And that’s why I don’t try and get a regular gig on one of the good blogs that actually are capable of updating consistently. I’m totally not, but let’s see how it goes this time around!

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So I guess a brief explanation is in order. I read a lot of comics books, and read a little bit about fashion. I’m not going to say I’m stylish or trendy or anything like that, I’d have a fashion photoblog if I was, but I care enough to get annoyed that artists in comics don’t. This isn’t to say that the artists I rag on here are bad though, some of them are really good they just aren’t putting the thought into clothing that they are into other aspects of their art. Which is sometimes worse really, since ridiculous or incredibly boring clothing can get in the way of enjoying the rest of the art in a book, which totally stinks.

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