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Welp this was a bad comic. It started off okay, and as soon as Starfire showed up it got really bad, really fast (look she’s uncaring about earth people and promiscuous whoo.) And in fact, the bad started just before she showed up.

Bra failure

Bra Failure!

This annoys me way more than it probably should but oh my god, it’s so annoying. Kenneth Rocafort on art is entirely as expected, Starfire has a stupid costume, that doesn’t make any sense we all knew that was coming. The power effects and the hair are nice, none of this is the real issue here. The big problem is Scott Lobdell has no idea how bra sizes work. The 38 refers to the band size on a woman, which is the measurement of the ribcage under the boobs. Not the enormous boobs themselves. A 38 is one of the larger sizes most stores carry, and Starfire does not look like she has a broad ribcage. Quite the opposite really, it’s tiny and bony. Lobdell was looking for cup sizes. An A cup is small, a D cup is large, Starfire is way farther into the alphabet than that. If you are making a ‘her boobs are huge’ joke, you use letters. If you are making a ‘her ribcage is huge’ joke you are a strange writer and would use numbers.

Seriously, how did nobody notice that?


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Goddammit DC why do you have to be like this? A reboot means you can remake costumes and heros and villains and come up with visually interesting and creative things and you do more lingerie fetish models? But rabbit themed this time! HOW CREATIVE! And really, if you have magic or gas or whatever the hell to knock Batman out and make little purpley pink hearts in the background for you, I don’t think you need to dress up like a less classy Playboy bunny.


I wish I cared more about Marvel’s Fear Itself so I wouldn’t have to subject myself to this. Poo.

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Yeah I just about had an aneurysm when I saw this. DC’s costume designers should be slapped, or made to do acrobatics in this outfit. Maybe both.


Wow, it’s the new Harley Quinn for the new reboot post Flashpoint era! She is a a wannabe super edgey Suicide Girls inspired stripper who is unable to do anything except walk around carefully lest her top catastrophically fail. At least I hope that’s the case. If they actually expect me to see her jump and flip around in a strapless little corset that laces up the front like that and not think it is painfully stupid they are sorely mistaken. If it didn’t have the low back, maybe it would be slightly less terrible (I lie, it’d still be awful), but as it is that top will not stay up unless it is literally glued to her chest. oh and she’s only wearing low rise underwear and a belt full of bullets for her guns for bottoms. And I’m guess the boots we can just see are stilettos.

King Hammerhead Shark is rad though, he looks totally stoked to be there!  Now if the trying desperately to be edgy and hardcore girl in front of him would move, we’d have a great comic!


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Sorry Pier Gallo, you were the fashion straw that broke the style-camel’s back. And it’s because the rest of the art is so good and well thought out and I like it and then Lori is wearing lingerie to a Kansas public school and I don’t know what’s going on.

Seriously, this is not a shirt.

Lingerie!She's going to school in KANSAS!

It’s a babydoll. Lingerie. Pretty, but lingerie. Gallo is good enough that you can see that it’s loose, thin material, and she’s not even wearing a bra, and if she is, it’s the teeny- tiniest strapless bra she could find. I mean, he’s clearly trying, it’s got details to it and she’s got accessories and that’s more than a lot of artists bother with but that girl would be getting sent home so fast her head would spin. She’s in KANSAS! Kansas, especially the good ole rural farm people of Smallville part of Kansas are probably not cool with a teenage girl going to school in underwear with no bra. Thicken the straps up a little, lengthen the top because midriffs have not been cool for the past 5 years and maybe show just a touch less cleavage and it’d be fine. It’s not terrible, but it was enough to make go ‘whoah, she’s wearing frilly underwear as a shirt. That is ridiculous’

Bonus points for it being purple and green though, she’s related to Lex Luthor so it’s a very fitting colour scheme. Kudos to Gallo and/or Jamie Grant (the colourist) for that.

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