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Goddammit DC why do you have to be like this? A reboot means you can remake costumes and heros and villains and come up with visually interesting and creative things and you do more lingerie fetish models? But rabbit themed this time! HOW CREATIVE! And really, if you have magic or gas or whatever the hell to knock Batman out and make little purpley pink hearts in the background for you, I don’t think you need to dress up like a less classy Playboy bunny.


I wish I cared more about Marvel’s Fear Itself so I wouldn’t have to subject myself to this. Poo.


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Yeah I just about had an aneurysm when I saw this. DC’s costume designers should be slapped, or made to do acrobatics in this outfit. Maybe both.


Wow, it’s the new Harley Quinn for the new reboot post Flashpoint era! She is a a wannabe super edgey Suicide Girls inspired stripper who is unable to do anything except walk around carefully lest her top catastrophically fail. At least I hope that’s the case. If they actually expect me to see her jump and flip around in a strapless little corset that laces up the front like that and not think it is painfully stupid they are sorely mistaken. If it didn’t have the low back, maybe it would be slightly less terrible (I lie, it’d still be awful), but as it is that top will not stay up unless it is literally glued to her chest. oh and she’s only wearing low rise underwear and a belt full of bullets for her guns for bottoms. And I’m guess the boots we can just see are stilettos.

King Hammerhead Shark is rad though, he looks totally stoked to be there!  Now if the trying desperately to be edgy and hardcore girl in front of him would move, we’d have a great comic!


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Check it out it’s alternate universe spooky magic Batman and his alternate universe spooky magic sidekick! Batman still in the full body uniform being all spooky and well covered and in this case all patchwork stitched together looking, and she’s…. well…

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Booooooooring. She’s boring. Generic spooky vampire lady, in black leather with torn fishnets and dark hair and pale skin and blahblahblah generic scary goth blah. Do not care anymore, I’m over the whole look, and a little sad because I think something inspired by the reds and yellows in the traditional Robin costume could have been much more interesting and probably more intimidating if they were careful with the costume design.  I’m reminded a little bit of American Vampire with some of the stylistic choices with her fangs and nails, especially in later panels, but that book didn’t go the cliche goth route and is much better off for it. Seriously, it’s a really good book (if very bloody) and Rafael Albuquerque is an amazing artist who makes the lead female character look terrifying and absolutely monstrous when the story calls for it. In conlusion, my opinion of this outfit in Superman/Batman #81 by ChrisCross is go read American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. That wasn’t where I meant to end up with this post, but that’s okay!

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Gallo noooo not again. I’m serious, this better be an established supervillainness because this is painfully ridiculous. It’s a projection so I’m pretty sure she actually will have arms and legs, but as it stands she’s got a thong and a top that she’ll fall out of if she moves. See how stiff her pose is? She HAS to stand like that or risk a wardrobe malfunction! I’d be evil too if I was literally paralyzed by my poor choice in clothing. I give it 50-50 odds she’s in stilettos. If not, probably absurdly boring flat soled detailless boots because those are sadly common too.

If this is actually a new character and Gallo wasn’t explicitly told to make her look this silly I’m going to have to put him in the same category as Mike Deodato. Very good artist, but with choices in drawing women that just drive me insane. I’m sure something from Deodato will pop up eventually and I can explain further but for now, Gallo, go draw this poor lady something that will cover her nipples if she has to do anything but stand there.

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I nearly gave this silly lady a pass.

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See, she’s a non-fighting villianess, which usually I’ll give a little more leeway too since they don’t have to worry quite as much about movement and stuff, but she needs to touch people for her powers to work. Which means she needs to get close to some hardcore asskickers.  Which means the heels are a bad idea, especially if you’re trying to get close when your buddies are tearing the building apart around you. Flats, or at least wedges really, give your poor ankles some love.  Also, how is the veil staying on? I think that is the spookiest part, there’s no attachment points and yet, despite getting kicked in the head, it stays on! I dunno, some thought did go into the costume, and it’s drawn to be made from more than just skintight spandex or generic cloth, but it’s still a black and red oh so spooky goth barmaid hybrid and I have to roll my eyes because it’s just so expected in a lot of ways. And for skin activated powers, certainly has a lot of exposed skin, leading to a risk of accidental exposure. Oh hey in related news I have a pair of gloves from lululemon and there’s a little flip-up flap on the thumbs so you can expose your thumbtip to work touchscreen stuff with making the rest of your hand cold! Maybe a little subtle for comic book evil people or Rogue, but it’d be pretty funny to see in action.  

Kudos to March for giving Canary some Chun-Li quality thighs there, and tread on the soles of her boots. That kick would actually hurt it looks like. And they have matching fishnets!

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