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Good on Guillem March for drawing the most impressively trashy dress ever. I am actually legitimately impressed and it’s a little bit confusing for me. Catwoman is at a party and trying to get attention from notorious ladies man Bruce Wayne and apparently found the most ridiculous dress ever.  It’s like a cross between Jennifer Lopez’s infamous green dress (look it up if your’e too young to remember), and some seriously skimpy club wear. If we’re supposed to have a character going balls out (wrong metaphor I guess) sexy/trashy/attention grabbing, this is certainly a way to do it.

Super trashy!

I think I’m so amazed because I could actually see this being sold somewhere, like, it’s an actual dress with draping and detailing and all that. Not sold anywhere tasteful, but sold. And she has accessories and actual footwear with some kind of styling rather than generic stilettos. I don’t particularly like the style, and I think the inker forgot to add the bottom of the shoes under her feet but at least it’s something.  And the belt reminds me of her whip which I hope is intentional. Really my biggest problem is that I can’t imagine Catwoman wearing an outfit she can’t wear at more than a careful walking speed, unless she put a couple rolls of heavy duty double sided tape to work keeping her girls in place.

It also helps that as soon as she starts to do actual sneaky Catwoman stuff she changes into costume and her costume is actually done all the way, which is depressingly unusual, but nice to see. This may be a controversial book, and March is probably on it largely for his skill at drawing sexy ladies, but I think most issues people have are the writing and not the art.


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Well I’ll be damned.

A dress!

So I looked at this dress and figured the neckline, sleeves and length were all nice and it looks super comfortable and flowy and really the only think I didn’t really like was the gigantic belt, which is a little too over the top. And then I realized I was thinking about clothes in a comic book like they were real clothes that I would see in a store instead of incredibly trashy dresses or ultra-generic jeans and solid coloured t-shirt and I was really happy! It even suits Helena, it’s flattering but totally classy and she’s got a big ole bag that’s probably full of pointy dangerous stuff, she’s got a little bit of jewelery! Oh, and white framed sunglasses are everywhere right now. It’s like Marcus To and/or John Dell (not sure who was drawing what) were actually thinking about the clothes she’s wearing! hurray!!

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